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We developed our process over many years. Here is why it works:

Organization and Planning

We consult with you at each stage of the home-building process. At our first meeting, we outline each stage of planning and construction and set out key milestone dates for review and approval. Initially, we'll meet on a weekly basis to discuss your home design and colour schemes.

Once we have completed the preliminary working drawings and secured the proper permits, we'll get together frequently to review progress, share information and have you approve any changes or additions to the project. At all stages, you will understand what we expect from you and what you can expect from Excalibur and its associated contractors. We understand that building your home is probably your largest investment – we want this to be an enjoyable and exciting experience with no surprises.

Personal Communications

During construction, you will be able to contact your project manager by phone almost any time of the day. You will be provided with email addresses of our representatives and can email them whenever you have a question or suggestion. Either way, you have the comfort of checking on your new home – anytime, from anywhere.

High Quality Materials

Selection of materials will often depend on budget, but we set our standards high and there is one area where we absolutely won't compromise: the use of finger jointed studs (not approved by our Engineer). While OSB isn't a faulty product, some people are allergic to the off gases from the glues. We prefer plywood for exterior sheathing, roof sheathing and sub-floor sheathing. Plywood has an all-wood surface that results in better glue adhesion, superior nail and screw fastening. Plywood has proven to be a better choice. We also negotiate better pricing with lumberyards to bring in higher graded lumber to be stored and used only in Excalibur projects.

We believe you wouldn't want us to cut corners just to save a few dollars. Plywood and higher graded lumber are standard in all of our homes and projects because we want your investment to have long-lasting value.

Qualified and Experienced Trades

We demand that everyone involved in building your home be fully qualified to do the job correctly and to a high standard. To ensure the best workmanship, we only hire a select group of subcontractors that meet our rigorous demands. All tradespeople, excluding helpers, must be ticketed journeymen that are licensed and insured. Only then can we guarantee that your home is built to the high standards that we promised you.

Triple Bottom Line

Excalibur lives by the principle of a Triple Bottom Line. This means we take into account not only the financial bottom line, but the social and environmental bottom lines as well. Environmental and social performance bear equal importance to the success of our company. We always have the community's best interests at heart and adhere to sustainable environmental practices. This is evident in the seamless integration of our homes in communities throughout the communities in which they are built.

Our Services

We can provide any or all of these services to help you succeed in building your new home:

  • Assist with land parcel acquisition and building site preparation;
  • Assist you with determining your needs, style, budget, building plans for permit and construction.
  • Help you decide on the exterior appearance, interior layout and style of building materials and finishing for the whole project;
  • Guide you through the early house-design process, providing options, recommendations and suggestions based on our experience and knowledge of current trends and technologies;
  • Provide accurate cost and time estimates so you know when your home will be completed and what the total construction cost will be
  • Full contracting services that insure the project is built to our high standards using proven materials and subcontractors
  • Placement of all insurance, permits and certification of sub-trades to protect you from liability during the construction process;
  • Attentive customer service before, during and after construction of your new home.